A new report by TiVo showed that the average number of channels Canadians want is 18.2, paying an average of $23.65 per month. But as the number of streaming services goes up and content becomes more spread out across channels and platforms, Dan Zangrando, VP of investments at UM, spoke with CARDonline on if he foresees a future in which Canadians’ love of content and desire to pay less is actually reconciled.

“Those that are new to the streaming space are seeing a new line of revenue, making it unlikely that there will be a race to the bottom as it pertains to pricing the streaming services. Canadians will be forced into making more educated decisions about what they sign up [for], while the costs for Canadian media owners to retain the rights of their purchased U.S. programming will skyrocket. NBC’s Peacock announced last [month] that it is going to have an ad-supported option for its streaming service, and you’d imagine that a lot of people are going to pay close attention to how NBC Peacock performs.”

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