Thanks to increased investment from companies like Amazon and Google, Canada is becoming a “tech utopia” and a promising market for innovation in areas like digital advertising and A.I., says a new report from UM Canada.

The Outlook 2020 report says that advances in machine learning and the resulting A.I. applications have “completely redefined” the consumer experience, with Canada emerging as a promising market for innovation.

Among its observations, the report says that advanced technology is democratizing creativity while at the same time giving rise to an “algorithmic culture” in which machine learning is increasingly determining our entertainment choices.

There is a dark side, however, with the study noting that Canadians are also largely uninformed about how their personal data can be used. It cites a recent study conducted by MAGNA/IPG Media Lab and Verizon which found that 82% are “misinformed” about their ability to opt-out of data collection.

The same study also found that more than half (51%) of respondents indicated that they are unsure if they can opt-out of data collection, while nearly one-third (31%) believe they can’t opt-out at all.

“Canadians should be more knowledgeable about and responsible for their personal data footprint,” the study concludes. “But that needs to be matched in diligence by those looking to foster innovation.”

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