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Oh Henry! 4:25 Hunger Bar Launch

Oh Henry! needed a way to win the attention of a younger generation of hunger bar buyers. So to support the launch of Oh Henry! 4:25, the first candy bar designed to address cannabis-induced hunger that hits five minutes after 4:20, we went way beyond standard candy bar advertising and pulled off a stunning North American first. UM drew upon the collective power of media innovation and creativity, and harnessed a once in a lifetime cultural phenomenon: the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Through a unique partnership with stoner food legends Epic Meal Time, pop-up branded ‘dispensaries’, influencer video content and posts, social, OOH and PR, we smashed industry norms. The campaign sparked millennials’ interest and lay the groundwork for future growth, driving huge lifts in brand awareness and purchase intent. Additionally, Oh Henry! earned a #1 spot on a popular sub-Reddit page with 20MM subscribers, an exceptionally strong response from a millennial-dominated community notoriously critical of “advertising”.